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Bridal Care Combo | Skin Transformation | Clear, Smooth, Glowing Skin | Skin, Hair & Nails


Rs. 21,590


A complete care package for the bride-to-be, the Bridal Care Combo provides everything you need before the big day!

Why Bridal Care

With the stress of the wedding, every bride should decompress with the combination of Skilixir, Gleamfizz, Spotless, and Sleep Collagen. The ideal compact care package to look your best, Bridal Care offers premium supplements so you can rest easy. Rejuvenate and intense hydrate your skin to look years younger. Enjoy better overall body and skeletal health with the force of the Bridal Care Combo. Brighten skin for a flawless, porcelain complexion. 


  • Increased skin elasticity, reduced appearance of lines, and formation of wrinkles.
  • Removes acne
  • Reduces feelings of stress and nourishes beauty overnight
  • Restore, protect and promote firmer, fuller, youthful radiant skin
  • Improve hair, nails, and joint health
  • Helps minimize scars, stretch marks and prevents new stretch marks.
  • Strengthens hair and supports hair growth
  • Designed to reduce UV damage.​
  • Purifies blood and internal organs
  • Heals wounds quicker
  • Easier absorption. ​
  • Helps in improving the general quality of life.

Bridal Care Consists Of

  • 1 Month Sugar-free Skilixir Marine Collagen XT
  • 2 Gleamfizz Non-acid Vitamin C
  • 1 Spotless Glutathione Xt 
  • 5 packs Sleep Collagen Latte


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