Gleamfizz - Natural Vitamin C, Elemental Zinc & Selenium Effervescent drink

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Now more than ever we know the  role Vitamin C plays in keeping our immunity at its optimum . However consuming the right Vitamin C is very crucial, large doses of acidic vitamin c formula leads to heart burn , and makes our body acidic .

Gleamfizz is India’s 1st and only  Non-Acid , natural and gentle Vitamin C,  effervescent tablet formula enriched with Zinc & Selenium for added immunity support.

Each Vegan tablets, is formulated with natural Vitamin C from Rosehip Extract, Acerola Cherries, and Bioflavonoids for easy consumption and even distribution in the body.​ 


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  1. Designed to improve photoprotection and reduce UV damage.​
  2. Great for skin, internal organs and purification of blood.
  3. Helps improve radiance and treat dry skin​.
  4. Aids wound healing.
  5. Promotes better absorption. ​
  6. Boosts immunity.
  7. fights cold and flu.
  8. Purification by reducing toxicity.
  9. The strong antioxidant helps in better absorption of nutrients.
  10. Improves Dry Skin.
  11. Boosts natural collagen production in the body.
  12. Improves gum health by increasing circulation.
  13. Reduced cellular damage.
  14. Fights factors causing chronic diseases.
  15. Helps with reducing stress.


Drop a tablet in 1 glass (200ml) of water. Let the tablet fizz till dissolves. Stirring not required.

 Can be used at any time of the day . In a fun tangy orange flavor . 




Food acid (330), Mineral salts, sodium ascorbate, dextrose, Citrus blend extract (rosehip extract, acerola cherry, emblica officials, citrus bioflavonoids, orange) phosphatidylcholine, Natural & nature identical orange flavor and L-selenomethionine.

Gleamfizz Non Acid Vitamin C

  1. kanika malhotra

    hte combo pack was a wholesime food for not only my skin but over all i feel healthier, lighter and less tired even, my aches and pains also have dissapeard, you should market this as a wholesome health drink not just for your skin and beauty

  2. Sahana Khan

    Products is good it gives quick energy
    Products is good it gives quick energy, Thank Skin Project

  3. Divya

    I love its taste and it showed me results boost my immunity seriously I felt it.

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