Groom Combo Pack - Skin Project

Groom Combo Pack

  • 1-month Skilixir Marine Collagen XT
  • 2 Gleamfizz Non-acid vitamin C
  • 1 Collagen sleep latte for Man
  • 1 Spotless Glutathione XT



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Groom Combo Pack

Prepare for your important day with this energizing combo!
1-month Skilixir XT is a sugar-free liquid formula power-packed with 1 & 3 types of bioactive marine collagen. It boasts of the rarest super hydrators sourced from across the world.
1 Collagen sleep latte for Man is a breakthrough in the science of beauty and wellness. Elements of ancient Ayurveda with the latest in cellular bioactive absorption. That with our natural magic like formula combining a new matrix of proline and glycine based marine collagen, a herbal adaptogens spice mix, a bioactive sleep blend known for its therapeutic effect.
1 Spotless Glutathione is a superior strength, glutathione supplement that is stomach acid resistant and absorbed into the blood. With amplified action, this capsule is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that your skin & body needs to stay in great shape.
2 Gleamfizz is India’s 1st and only  Non-Acidic, natural, and gentle Vitamin C,  effervescent vegan tablet formula enriched with Zinc & Selenium for added immunity support.
1. Designed to improve photoprotection and reduce UV damage.​
2. Increased skin elasticity, reduced appearance of lines and formation of wrinkles.
3. Aids wound healing.
4. Promotes better absorption. ​
5. Helps in skin hydration smoother, healthier skin.
6. Promotes hair growth
7. Improves circulation, gut health & immunity
8. Joint, bone and cartilage health
9. Helps tone the muscles faster
10. Great for skin, internal organs and purification of blood
11. Reduces feeling of stress and helps with a sleep disorder
12. Helps in improving the general quality of life
13. Better Stamina and energy

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Groom Combo Pack



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