Ultimate Sun Protection Combo - Skin Project

Ultimate Sun Protection Combo

  1. Designed to improve photo protection and reduce UV damage.​
  2. Great for skin, internal organs, and purification of blood.
  3. Helps improve radiance and treat dry skin​.
  4. Aids wound healing.
  5. Promotes better absorption. ​
  6. Boosts immunity.
  7. fights cold and flu.
  8. Purification by reducing toxicity.
  9. The strong antioxidant helps in better absorption of nutrients.
  10. Improves Dry Skin.
  11. Boosts natural collagen production in the body.
  12. Improves gum health by increasing circulation.
  13. Reduced cellular damage.
  14. Fights factors causing chronic diseases.
  15. Helps with reducing stress.

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Ultimate Sun Protection Combo


India’s first Non-Acid Vitamin C, luxury effervescent tablet formula. Vegetarian tablets, formulated with rosehip extract, acerola cherries, and bioflavonoids for easy consumption and even distribution in the body.​ Supports the Advance delivery system with a fun bubbly formula with orange flavor to it.

UPF 40+ Polyester – Sketch rose Print

  • UPF rating: 40+ (96–98+% UV Radiation Blockage)
  • A novel weave structure, denier, and special finishing produces sun protective properties
  • It does not allow any UV rays to penetrate through to your skin. Avoid: Chlorine and Saltwater, Dimensions: 80 x 180 cm (±2 cm)
  • Skin Project scarf is made from very fine and high quality 100% polyester fabric.

Skin Project Scarf is India’s First Anti-UV luxury high fashion brand, with in-built UPF 40+ in each scarf. It is a scarf meant to bestow you with flawless skin. It is our commitment to relentlessly battle aging, tan, dark-spots, dull skin, pigmentation, skin darkness caused by the sun’s UV rays. Comparing it with sunscreen and for it to be fully effective, it must be applied 30 minutes before you go out into the sun and reapplied every 2 hrs for it to provide optimal protection. Skin Project scarfs, on the other hand, cover your skin evenly: there won’t be any surprise sunburn where you missed the middle of your back. You can toss a scarf on just before going outside, the protection won’t fail entirely even if you sweat. 


Pink, Geometry, Psychedelic, Sketch, Floral

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